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What Sales Enablement Teaches Us About Content

The benefits of sales enablement are clear. The ROI centers around increased revenue and customer acquisition. When sales are equipped with the right content at the right time, they have the ability to nurture SQL's with velocity.

Sales need more content.

The theory of sales enablement is directly linked to the idea of shared knowledge. In the past, organizations would draw lines in the sand of who reported to who, and who people will be working with day-to-day. Today, we are moving towards an organizational structure that is fluid, and embraces cross-department collaboration.

Sales enablement can be the seed that grows from a process between the sales and marketing departments, to a company-wide accepted method of internal communications.

Marketing enables sales to perform at a higher success rate through content. This process can be adopted across an organization:

  • Enabling customer success with content about new features, upsell opportunities, and relevant educational material to ensure customer retention.
  • Enabling the product team by feeding them content on what customers are looking for, how much people love or hate a certain feature. This will allow for iterations to happen faster, and give them further motivation through positive feedback.

Sales enablement is successful and has metrics to back it up. Enablement across an organization may or may not have sales metrics tied to it. That doesn’t mean it isn’t providing significant value to the overall company. Reduced meetings, faster innovation, and organizational alignment are essential to ultimate efficiency. Sharing and collaborating through the distribution of content allows this to happen.

This collaboration creates cross functional teams that are on the same wave length. Content becomes the bridge to more efficient teams that will deliver higher outputs.

Organizational communications become accessible companywide resulting in a more transparent workplace. Weekly updates from departments cut down and are replaced with actionable tactics that contribute to high level goals.

In the end, content can be the lever that moves communications across an organization, rather than having it segmented by department.

In a world of fast paced digital innovation, the ability to rapidly communicate at scale can keep you ahead of the curve. Old ways of communicating will not.

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