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Nov 22, 2016

The 'Think Together' Manifesto

To our readers,

Welcome to

The purpose of 'Think Together' is to demonstrate how sharing content at scale can enable organizations to connect with people faster. By thinking together, you can innovate and engage with any type of audience.

In our work, we meet with thought leading professionals and organizations who are in the early stages of learning the true potential of content. We've decided to leverage these experts, and share information on how to unlock, distribute, and engage with content at scale.

Inside, you will learn to:

Think with Your Team

Embrace centralized sharing and enable your team to be equipped with relevant and useful content. Empower your employees to share that content indepentantly to increase reach and engagement.

We’ll tell you why this is important, and how you can start implementing these ideas to optimize internal communications. In addition, you'll be able to launch an employee advocacy strategy that builds credibility and new business.

Think with Your Network

Extend your content past your organization and into the hands of networks relevant to your industry. Invite them to collaborate and engage alongside you to further your ability to learn and adapt to the ever changing digital landscape.

We’ll provide you the information you need to ensure thought leadership inside and outside of your business.

Think with Your Customers

Engage with customers at the human level. Think of your content as human to human, not brand to human. Allow them to share content alongside with you, and see results skyrocket. In addition, empower your employees to share independantly.

We’ll show you the companies using this strategy to win with content, and how you can get started. Through the insights of your customers, you'll be able to equip your sales team with high performing content.

Join Our Community

We invite people to join as a member and contribute to our community to share insights and learn about managing content at scale. Stay updated on new content being added to our hub by signing up for our newsletter.

If you think together, you will be enabled to succeed at internal communications, thought leadership, employee advocacy, and sales enablement.

We look forward to thinking with you,

- Jeff, CEO @ Pressly


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