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The New Wave of Expert Communities

People in leadership roles silo themselves inside a company to shoulder the responsibility of coming up with brilliance. When they're too busy, they get others to speak for them with their signature at the bottom. The days of waiting for the perfect PowerPoint or the monthly pep talk are over.

"thought leadership"

The thought leader of today leverages others around them. They create a community of experts so thought leadership can truly come to fruition. They understand that the mind of many is more powerful than the mind of one.

In addition, they give the public access to those minds. Not only is this the content that will survive the storm of ‘content marketing’, but it is also the content that everyone is searching for.

Sports businesses know this to be true when they implemented All-Star Games. They bring the best players in the world to one destination, to display their expertise. People want to see the best, all at once.

“With all-star games generating revenue, providing tens of thousands of personal touch points, and millions of impressions through viewership, it’s easy to see why cities jump at the chance to bid for their opportunities to host. And beyond just the cities, these benefits are extended to the league partners that activate on-site and leading up to the festivities.”

At Pressly, we flip the switch and think about all experts:

Engineers, designers, architects, lawyers, accountants, consultants, sales executives, the list goes on and on and on.

We know that any organization can leverage the network these experts belong to and create one destination for them to collaborate. As a result, they can build a public audience that will generate business opportunities.

In order to create these expert communities, an organization needs to do 3 things.

1. Work from the Inside Out

Forget about the potential outcomes, and focus on the people. An organization has to tap into its network of employees, partners, and external relationships. The human capital surrounding a community is everything.

Focusing on people allows the community to feel empowered to engage. They need to be influenced with an enormous emphasis on teaching and learning. When done correctly, they will reinforce what you are trying to accomplish, making the organization's success automatic.

True collaboration and sharing are what public audiences feed off of.

2. Replace Independence with Connection

Realize the inter-connected-ness of everyone in your space. Each person is an extension of each other. Experts need to leave their egos at the door and replace independence with connection and extension.

This will increase the reach and value that an organization creates. Continually building and expanding a community to others will allow for further engagement.

3. Get Back to Journeying

Within an expert community, people collaborate to solve problems and expand on ideas that are surfacing within their space. These environments require high-trust. People need to feel free to lean-in and express their opinions. Problem solving isn’t linear. It’s a messy and uncertain process to find trends and answers to upcoming challenges.

Therefore, expert communities need to engage in journeying. Experts get excited when they are involved in a topic worthy of their commitment and dedication. This requires long-term thinking within a collaborative environment that gives access to all the information needed.

As we continue to innovate at Pressly, we ensure that these three actions become that much easier to accomplish through each iteration. Our platform has the potential to host and grow an expert community that is continually engaged.

Deloitte encompassed many of these ideas and came to us looking for a solution. They have built a strong community of experts that collaborate on the future of work for a variety of different services. Their community continues to grow, which strengthens their brand.

"Within months, the exponential team at Deloitte was transformed into a group of thought leaders." - Amandine Dhennin, Innovation Lead for Deloitte

We love when experts meet experts. Our tech allows for this to happen quickly. Experts are able to share thoughts at a rapid rate where real time journeying can take place.

When opening these online communities to the public, the hosting brand establishes themselves as top of mind in their category, giving them the advantage for further business.

We believe there is an expert community for every type of business.

They just need a place to live.


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