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The Need for Improved Investor Relations

"When a company is educated on what specific details investors are looking for they can refine their communications approach to maximize the impact of management conversations." - Kelby Price

I couldn't agree more with Kelby. A global investor base requires improved investor communications through new technology. A quarterly report is no longer sufficient. Real time communications in which you can provide information quickly and efficiently will allow investors relations to improve drastically.

In addition, improved investor relations will allow a company to position themselves strategically:

"According to a report by Rivel Research, buy-side investors believe effective IR contributes a median premium of 10 per cent to a company’s valuation, while ineffective IR can dampen that same valuation by a median of 20 per cent. Across industries, companies, small and large, report actionable data as central to improved business operations." - Kelby Price

For more information - Read Price's article below


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