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How to Get Sales and Marketing to Think Together

“We can’t close deals because all of our sales material is outdated, why hasn’t the marketing team updated them yet?” - Sales
“Their job is so easy, we’re essentially handing them deals that are ready to close, and they still can’t even close them.” - Marketing

Sound Familiar?

It’s no secret that marketing and sales have a complex relationship. Like children, they engage in the blame game and feel like they're against each other, rather than on the same team. As a result, the business loses revenue and wastes costs at the point of 'Marketing to Sales Handover'. In addition, the lack of collaboration disables the pipeline to be efficiently moved through the funnel.

We've all been there.

These departments have separate processes, goals, and expectations. Sales search for resources while marketing has them in a private Google folder. Marketing attempts to find the status of a lead, not knowing who it was assigned to or if someone has reached out. They don't talk to each other, and they're losing money because of it.

The Bottom Line

Cross-department alignment between sales and marketing will increase revenue opportunities.

What will kick-start alignment?

The driver for sales and marketing alignment is sales enablement. It will empower both departments to think together to create new processes, goals, and expectations.

A quick look at LinkedIn will show 100,000 people in the sales enablement space. It is a proven process with serious upside. The Conversations That Win Summit in London showed that sales reps spend an average of 40hrs a month looking for marketing content or creating their own when they can’t find it. An overwhelming majority can’t find content to send to prospects, and this has been cited as the most common complaint by sales teams. Sales enablement solves this problem.

The Pedowitz Group Defines ‘sales enablement’ as:

“Aligning marketing processes and goals, and then arming sales with tools to improve sales execution and drive revenue.”

Marketing needs to step up and ensure that all customer context is shared with the sales department. Marketers can’t just hand off leads, they need to hand off all lead information in order to empower a sales rep with as much firepower as possible.

In order for sales enablement to be successful, an organization needs to do 3 things:

  1. Make it easier for sales to find and access marketing content.
  2. Search and curate results into new content.
  3. Create new content assets quickly and easily, share with prospects, and track views and success metrics.

In order to optimize speed and efficiency, an organization needs one tool to rely on to achieve processes from beginning to end. Using multiple 3rd party tools for one process adds unnecessary complexity. At Pressly, we went through the optimal workflow that sales enablement requires for success. As a result, our platform is an all-in-one solution to achieving sales enablement.

The Pressly Workflow for Sales Enablement

Surface Useful Content

The marketing team generates a constant supply of relevant content. They share suggested original and third-party content into a private hub, and then approve it for further distribution with internal moderation.

Marketing Adding Content Into a Private Hub

Support for The Sales Team

Marketing can then alert sales through a regular newsletter about new content that has been created. They will then choose the content that relates best to their customer, and republish it to a personal sales or private advisor hub.

Marketing Sending Content to Sales

Sales Pushes Content to Prospects

The sales team now has the firepower to share new content at all levels of the sales funnel with personalized newsletter updates and updates through social media.

Sales Sending Customized Resources to Prospects

Close The Loop With Powerful Insights

At any stage of the sales process, Pressly will supply useful metrics derived from customer behavior, helping sales optimize their content further. In addition, the marketing or leadership team can access metrics on the sales reps behaviors for what content they have been sending. This will allow marketing to create and curate more relevant content for sales.

Sales/Marketing Analyzing What Content is Working for Specific Prospects

The Takeaway

Sales and marketing will work collaboratively as long as process binds them together and holds them accountable for shared goals and expectations. Sales enablement will kickstart this joint effort and will allow revenue to skyrocket, and costs to level out.

The workflow that we reinforce allows for sales enablement to be successful through one tool. By using Pressly, the 'Marketing to Sales Handoff' will subside and both teams are enabled to help each other throughout the entire process.

The tension won't fully disappear, but a shared platform will force both departments to think together and create solutions.

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