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In my work with Pressly's enterprise clients, I've found that one of the biggest challenges is breaking out of traditional practices to make room for more progressive strategies. This of course makes sense. We are creatures of habit after all. But there are rewards when we create space to explore improved, untapped approaches. The sense of discovery and of being trusted to guide new practices has been proven to be extremely empowering. We've found that the teams we work with get excited, feel revitalized and a connectivity is sparked between members.

Alison Randel of The Ready speaks to this in her post I've shared below. Her thoughts on changing culture hit on many of the growing pains large organizations go through today:

"While it's true that culture is elusive, it's also true that culture is a series of habits - habits at the individual, team, and organizational level. And habits can be observed, understod, and shifted." - Alison Randel


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