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The No-Longer-Impossible Case of Creative Collaboration

Problem: You can't simply stumble on a successful enterprise collaboration strategy, we know that much. But as the research below proves, no matter how elusive a thriving and resultant process may be, there is a real need for you to kick (a new) one into gear.

48% of marketers say that their revenue growth has been hurt because they could not deliver quality content at a fast enough pace
80% of marketers say creative collaboration
is mission critical

Solution: Take a deep breath. It's going to be ok. With some time and TLC, your team can develop a powerful and collaborative content strategy. Consider massaging these suggestions into your workflow.

• Give Access to the Appropriate Team Members Depending on the project you're managing, you will have teams of varying sizes and capabilities. Governance of roles and deliverables should be established upfront. Who are the collaborators, the influencers, the final-sayers? How does a piece content travel through these teams until completion?

• Rev Up That Content Engine!
Activating a consistent current of content can take a few attempts before getting it right. Using a voice and POV that is aligned with your brand's audience requires some testing. A content calendar is especially helpful here. Plan to push out various formats. Once you can measure what works and what doesn't, your team will have an easier time prioritizing campaign-based content.

• Find the Right Collaboration Platform
Review your current process to see where the holes are. There are a lot of platforms out there. It may take integration of one (or four, depending what you're already accustomed to) of these to create the best process. The platform(s) may enable useful functions such as brainstorming, creation and review of submitted drafts, sharing, distribution (internal and external) and notifications.

• Make Sure the Strategy Nurtures Your Business Needs
Developing a fluid content strategy that feeds a sales enablement strategy and drives revenue but also a healthy business culture with equal weight is sure to have positive results.


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