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Susana Landeira's article on social selling explains the massive shift marketers are feeling today:

 "So, how are marketers playing a key role in the buyer's journey? Consumers are savvier than ever before – with access to data ensuring they are often educated on a product or service long before engaging." - Landeira

She explains that sales is no longer the first touch point in learning about your product or service. The buyer is already well equipped and has an understanding of your offering before sales dials their number.

In order to adapt, marketers need to engage with social selling and be heavily involved with their sales team. Marketing and sales alignment is key, and it will lead to redefining your marketing in the digital era.

Alignment will allow your voice to be heard earlier in the buyers journey, and it will allow yourself to showcase the value of your product or service.

Landeira walks through three main points on how to leverage Social Selling as part of your marketing transformation. I highly reccomend you give it a read, as it sets the precedent for what marketers need to be thinking about today.

EBOOK: Dig deeper into how you can implement a Sales Enablement Strategy to improve social selling tactics:

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