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At Pressly, we speak to internal communications, and the importance of collaboration through content. Here, Bryan speaks to how successful businesses thrive off of emotional intelligence (EI) inside of an organization.

Constructing a work environment that is both inviting and empowering allows for a healthier business.

"Create a work environment that encourages communication: Does your company space allow for an exchange of diverse opinions?" - Bryan Kramer

Referenced in the post, Daniel Goleman's best selling book on EI and describes it as the ability to be recognized, understand and manage one's emotions.

The ability to master EI allows a team to make better decisions, and work cohesively. It's a great thought by Kramer, and you should check out his personal blog:

Opening your communications can allow things like EI come to fruition. Easily achievable when you're a team of 20, but imagine a team of over 1000 employees.

A consistent pain point felt across most Fortune 1000 companies, but it starts with understanding the problem exists, and then implementing solutions.


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