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Corporate Leaders Need to Start Sharing

Sam Spurlin at The Ready speaks about leadership inside contemporary organizations. He sets the landscape for how leaders can move past mediocre and into greatness.

To me, the number one thing a leader can do is share with purpose. As Spurlin points out, a higher position inside an organization grants them access to data and insights that need to be shared with teams who are focusing on the work itself.

Not only is a leader’s perspective respected, but it is also what workers draw upon when searching for motivation. The bottleneck starts at the top, and information needs to flow through the organization.

This brings us to the point that Spurlin speaks to which is “great leaders share context,” and here is how you can start:

“1. Start a public blog about the industry shifts/major trends you’re seeing and share it with your teams

2. Share your perspective with teams directly (without the expectation that they must take a specific action based on that information)

3. Share more data than may feel initially comfortable with your teams (it’s almost always safe to try)

4. Create a mechanism for sharing minutes/notes/lessons from high-level meetings” - Sam Spurlin

Sharing Through Platforms

These 4 points are a fantastic starting point for sharing context. The next step is to invest in a platform.

To me, shared knowledge needs to be on an even playing field within an organization. A public blog from a leader is productive, but it still silos the workers further down the hierarchy from contributing or responding due to a lack of incentive or confidence.

Private platforms built for sharing content can support all 4 points in order to streamline the process of knowledge sharing. In addition, the platform can host everyone, therefore facilitating participation across the organization.

It’s important that these ideas are hosted under the organizational umbrella where teams can collaborate and build insights off of shared pieces of content.

For leaders, the main reason to invest in a sharing platform is time. Leaders today want to contribute, they want to share ideas, and build upon others. Yet, time holds them back. The ability to curate and share with speed can be the catalyst for doing this successfully.

I’ve experienced this first hand at Pressly. While using our sharing platform, we gain insights from our C-Level executives on a consistent basis while they attend meetings at all times of the day. They’re able to do this because of the ease of sharing our technology provides. An interesting article, quote, or thought can be curated/written and shared in seconds. We are then able to build upon that idea and contribute as a team. In addition, we foster real action out of shared content that keeps us working rather than ideating.

Every meeting has context wrapped around it through content that has been previously shared, and therefore, we skip the reasoning, and go straight into action items.

Sharing is infectious, as soon as the leaders inside a corporation set the precedent, others will follow, and an organization will be equipped with real-time thoughts at scale.

I highly recommend you dive into Sam Spurlin’s article and more from The Ready.


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