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Thought Leadership - Oct 25, 2016

Coca-Cola: Masters of Content at Scale

The other day Jeff sent me this video on Coca-Cola's content startegy, and I can't help but smile. These core ideas are the trends I've been seeing accross the business landscape for years. When working with Fortune 1000 companies, I've seen content underutilized time and time again, and in a world of clutter, there still lies the opportunity to truly optimize contents potential.

Here are some of my thoughts on Coke's video:

1. How do you move from creative excellence to content excellence?
The Power of Storytelling

I really believe that provoking conversations is truly powerful in today's world. Your brand can tell stories that can spark conversation in today's popular culture. Even a small share will enable a positive impact towards your company.

2. The case for change: 3 key drivers.
Number 1 and 2

I love the fact that consumer generated stories outnumber Coca-Cola company generated stories on the majority of their brands. This identifies a shift towards collaborative content that creates engagement and insights.

The 3rd driver, to me, allows this shift to happen.

Number 3

The distribution of technology has empowered consumers to connect at the human level. They consume and create 'on demand'. This connectivity, if used correctly, will further the potential for targeted engagement between your consumers.

3. Evolution of storytelling

Dyamic storytelling is customized for consumers. And it's distributed accross multiple channels which enables unified communications. Every business looking to invest in content NEEDS to understand this shift.

4. From insights to provocations
Think Bigger.

Knowledge and insights simply aren't enough. By adding data to the equation, you will create content that is original and targeted to your audience.

"Data will become the new soil in which ideas will grow, and data whisperers, will become the new messiahs"

They list 5 things to turn insights into provations:

1. Inspire participation amongst the very best

2. Connect these creative minds

3. Share the results of our efforts

4. Continue development

5. Measure our success

By implementing the above, you encourage bravery, incubate ideas, and create a culture of creativity.

People want to hear from the best, something encourages:

5. A Big Fat Fertile Space at The Heart of Content
The core of your content space.

I love this. It encapsulates the movement of content. Inside the core, an organization must share, converse, and observe to quickly iterate and create powerful storytelling. Collaborate with consumers within your space, leverage external communities, and surface useful content internally. At the same time, tie these back to business objectives and data. These actions, in my expierence, create ultimate content success.

I see Pressly implementing this process for powerful brands every day. Jeff and Peter are building a company that enables large organizations to deliver content with agility and efficiency. I'm excited to see how these organizations will increase their ROI with forward thinking content strategies like the one you see here.


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